Looking down at the ocean

My place in Shamballa seems to be located at the top of hill where I can look down at the ocean and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is almost too cold to walk around outside now though, I always get some stunning images in my brain whenever I imagine my backyard. It is interesting that... Continue Reading →


I used to be really interested in connecting my higher-self (wikipedia). I was told that he/she supposes to know everything about myself and true myself. Hmmm, is that my subconsciousness? Anyways, I tried to take a few reading sessions with some clairvoyants before and heard many things... which most of them have become the things... Continue Reading →

Winter in Shamballa

Currently, the Central Shamballa is in Winter. It has been like this since... probably around March or April in 2016 (in the real world). Since the time in Shamballa is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world (= 4 days in the real world is about the same as 1 day in Shamballa), I... Continue Reading →

I love sweets♡

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well today ♪ Unlike myself in the "real" world, I really enjoy making & having sweets in Shamballa. I have made several different cakes (chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, mille-feuille, etc.) and other kinds of sweets there before. I have shared those with friends there as well as students... Continue Reading →

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