Image training☆イメトレ

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you have been having fun to read this blog so far 🙂 If you ever tried a mental imagery training before, you could really feel the similarity when you try to access Shamballa, i.e. creating a room in your mind. As you repeat a same image, vividness and metacognition of... Continue Reading →

How to access Shamballa

There was thunder in the morning and afternoon today. It reminds me of Arom used to tell me "Thunder occurs easily when a country moves in dimension since the friction causes the electricity." I hope the country goes to a better direction. --- by Beth Q. Hi Beth, I would love to go to Shamballa*\(^o^)/*... Continue Reading →

I was just reading…

My physical body found "Beth's blog" (it has been renewed & upgraded since September, 2016) in 2014. When I saw it first time, I had no idea what the blog was all about. It was just a series of Q & A all over without any explanation or notion who those people were. However, I... Continue Reading →

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