Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫ I've talked about my selectiveness of the things in Shamballa such as teas (smiling), furniture, textiles, flowers and so on. On this post, I particularly mentioned about my room and furniture in Shamballa which I have been enjoying to build, place,... Continue Reading →

Dream connection☆夢繋がり

Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room♪ I've been really sleepy lately. My physical body still sleeps 4~5 hours straight at most though, I need a nap time. The nap really makes me feel good and it is like a complete turn-off (of the physical body) which my consciousness is shut-off =... Continue Reading →


What I am seeing & feeling may be (mostly) a delusion... this is what I (in the real world) have been thinking anytime I accessed Shamballa. The five senses of my astral (emotional) body have not been developed yet so that I always have to use "my imagination" which can be a delusion. As long... Continue Reading →

Not a special thing

Do you like to be special? Many people probably desire to be super special something which are better/superior than others. We have been raised and taught to compare/compete against each other so that your almost all judgements are based on somebody's data, results, thoughts and ideas. I am not interested in what is world's average... Continue Reading →

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