Hi, this is Shire. I hope you all are having a good day so far. Some of you have a post-Christmas holidays, some of you may be working really hard, and some of you are still sleeping and traveling to Shamballa currently 🙂 My work in the physical world has been a long Winter-off time... Continue Reading →

Definition of Ascension

[☆This post was originally appeared in August, 2014 which was pre-Ascension date. According to Shamballa, the Ascension of this planet Earth has been completed in the individual level by the end of 2015 while the level of entire human-being has been going on since 2016.] Q. What is your definition of "Ascension" in Shamballa? A.... Continue Reading →

Frequency – 3

What do you think the best way to stabilize your frequency is? Meditation? Deep breath? Zen? some kind of Sports? Yoga? Actually, waking up at the same time everyday, it is. Why? The reason is relating to a dimension. You all believe the 24-hours are always same (place)....yesterday, today and tomorrow, don't you? However, "days"... Continue Reading →

Frequency – 2

Do you think "Happy" people have high frequencies? We usually judge people by how they look, right? When you compare someone who looks very serious and has a huge responsibilities to the other one who is super smily and looks so happy without any burden & responsibility, which one do you think has higher frequency?... Continue Reading →

Frequency – 1

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time (by Wikipedia). Since I started accessing Shamballa, I have been using this word "frequency" more often. People in Shamballa use it a lot to describe how things existing certain area of the world/dimensions. It is pretty similar to the word"vibes" which we often... Continue Reading →

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