Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪ I have been having some stomach issues since yesterday. It is kinda rare for me to have such a thing without any reason. I think this (please see the below instagram video) might be the reason. This is called "reading... Continue Reading →


Hi, this is Shire. Thanks again for coming to my room ♪ So, this word "soul" is really a basic thing yet there are many different definitions. What wikipedia says: In many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, there is a belief in the incorporeal essence of a living being called the soul. Soul or psyche... Continue Reading →

Welcome home☆お帰りなさい

Hi, this is Shire. I'm happy to see you again here in my room♪ When I heard about "higher-self (definition at Wikipedia)," I was thinking of an energy body with my subconsciousness in some higher dimensions which is no so far-off. In Shamballa, they refer to what we normally call "higher-self" as our deep astral/mental... Continue Reading →

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