Diary · Shamballa School

Flowers of the month (November, 2017)

Hi, this is Shire. It is November, 2017. This month usually makes me feel really getting ready for the end of year and yet gives me a good space between the Halloween extravaganza and Christmas/Year end craziness.

Hopefully (some of you may be extra busy for Thanksgiving preparation though) you all have a relaxing good time with your favorite people, pets and yourself 🙂

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Diary · physical body

Strange day, part 1

Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you all have a great weekend!

So, I had a little bit strange (weird) day yesterday in the physical world. First of all, I was supposed to have a dental appointment for cleaning my teeth which I made it 6 month ago. My teeth are pretty strong and the mouth condition has been really great so that I have seen only my hygienist (of course my doctor checked me up too though) every 6 months for probably 4, 5 years at least.

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