Magic Circle Treatment

Thank you very much for coming to this special room, “Magic Circle Treatment”!

Japanese version is here.(日本語のページはこちらです)

Magic Circle is what you normally know – pentagram, hexagram, octagram, and so on – to create boundaries, shields, spells to activate/influence target (person, things, places, etc.).

I’ve written about its effect and my experiences on this blog such as “Lost & found“, “Tasty by magic circle“, “3rd session – Enjoy Life Basic NEXT☆“.

Also, please refer these special sessions by teachers in Shamballa – Enjoy Life Basic and Enjoy Life Basic Next☆(ELBN) especially the following 2 sessions introducing Magic Circles I’ve been working on:

ELBN-3 : Sticking a magical barrier and Oracle by numbers

ELBN-4 : Forming magic circle and Using magical items

In this page, I would like to invite you to experience the magic circle. If you or your friends/family members have some issues (sickness, hardships, worries, simply want to change something — can be anything), I can perform a magic circle for you. Hopefully, magic will happen!

**It’s all FREE of charge. No money involved. I still do my best to perform each session, of course!**

【Important things to know】

*Magic circle is supposed to work for almost any purposes (healing, personal issues, relationship issues, etc.); however, I won’t perform it to give someone “bad spell” and curse someone/something. Please do not ask me for it 🙂

*I am only a beginner… please do not expect 100% effectiveness. If something changes, that’s great. If nothing happens, either your target needs to be changed or I simply suck, lol.  Also, please be sure that some issues (such as losing weight, becoming taller, things like that) will take a longer time to be effective.

Healing does NOT involve medical practice.

Magic circle does NOT make your situation any worse. I am not responsible to any negative effects even if you believe they are caused by a magic circle.  

*I can take only a few people per week. I will let you know when I do perform the magic circle for you, but you may have to wait a little while until your turn. So, please be patient.

【What can be the target?】

*Example 1*

  • My boss at work has been really hard on me. I think it is a power-harassment. I would love to quit the company and find a better job. — Target should be “You”
  • My boss at work has been really hard on me. I think it is a power-harassment. I really love my workplace, so I would like to change the situation. — Target should be “Your boss”

*Example 2*

  • My mother and I both become diabetic. Who should I choose for the magic circle? — I would like to have the name & BD of both of you so that I can see who should be the first (eventually, I will perform the magic circle for both of you).

*Example 3*

  • I am really tired of hearing gossips about my good friend. I would like those people to stop it asap! — If you simply do not want to hear such a backbiting, the target person can be you. On the other hand, if you know the reason why your friend has such a (bad) reputation and want to change it, your friend can be the one.

If the target person/thing is unclear, I will contact you to confirm it before the session.

【What do you need?】

*Your name & Email address: So, I can contact you♪ I will send you the acknowledgement & schedule once everything is confirmed. The magic circle is usually performed 3 days consecutively.

*Name & Birthday of target person/place: The name/BD have to be the one the person usually/normally use. If the target is an organization, please let me know the name and the date of foundation. (Please spell the month such as Feb., July, Nov. since I will be confused by the numbers only – American or European way.)

*Issue/ Desire/ Request: As detailed as possible so that I can understand who/what should be focusing on for your magic circle.

By clicking “Submit,” you understand and agree to all above terms and rules.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Let’s sail on the Magic journey together!

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