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I used to be really interested in connecting my higher-self (wikipedia). I was told that he/she supposes to know everything about myself and true myself. Hmmm, is that my subconsciousness?

Anyways, I tried to take a few reading sessions with some clairvoyants before and heard many things… which most of them have become the things I already knew, hahaha. I believe because I have been connecting better with my higher-self than before.

Higher-self is usually hiding in your really really deep area of subconsciousness.

When you normally see/hear it in like a hypnotic state, that higher-self is mostly your astral body or mental body.

True higher-self does not appear normally even in your dream.

– by Shamballa School faculty team (August 6th, 2015)

I have always seen the same “person (higher-self I have believed)” in the real world and Shamballa. Especially in Shamballa, you can actually sit down and talk with your higher-self like your friend. With your advisor in Shamballa, your higher-self can be truly a great supporter.

A few years ago, I (in the real world) saw the vision of my higher-self and confirmed it by a few different clairvoyants (they all saw the same person/figure). It was a beautiful lady with a blond-ish long hair. That was the higher-self I had been seeing in Shamballa as well. Then, soon I realized “she” is actually my mental body which what mentioned above (by Shamballa School faculty) was absolutely correct.

In any case, I really enjoy having a conversation with the lady (my mental body) in Shamballa ♪


S-School faculty team · Shamballa

Frequency – 2

Do you think “Happy” people have high frequencies?

We usually judge people by how they look, right? When you compare someone who looks very serious and has a huge responsibilities to the other one who is super smily and looks so happy without any burden & responsibility, which one do you think has higher frequency?

If you think a happiness has high frequency, I am sorry to say this but “it is totally misunderstanding. the end (lol).”

That misunderstanding is almost same as someone believes Millenarianism is the best.

Do you really think it is happy to have such world? No worries, no troubles, no fights, people always laugh obscurely with no stress/tension.

If that is the case, being one of livestock is the happiest state, isn’t it?
No needs to think anything and always being fed by someone else.

Well, that never be called “high frequency.”
What do you really think high frequency is?

Isn’t it responsibility?

Democracy is a society with the responsibilities.
Why do those CEOs make such a lot of money?
Because they have such responsibilities.

If they don’t take responsibility, then they should not deserve that kind of money (Some politicians should work with hourly wages in that case).
Their salary should be worth their responsibilities.

People grow because of it. Responsibility makes people nervous so that they experience various tough mental challenges in order to proceed. Such experiences train them pretty well and their growth shows by the overwhelming existence & aura energy.

When you see such people, you can feel the high frequencies.

– answered by Shamballa School faculty team (June 17th, 2015)

I also believe the real happiness really emerges from your growth which only realizes when you take your full-life responsibilities.

As I said last time, it is important to stabilize whatever frequency you have since frequency changes so easily & quickly.

I think it would be really good to have your basic frequency at higher side and keep it around there as stable as possible. Once you have the stable frequency, you will start seeing only people you can get along and only situations you (your frequency) deserve… yes, it is like a radio station 🙂

We all love to tune into our desirable stations (=situations) ♪

I will talk a little more about the topic next time!