Soul type☆魂のタイプ

Hi, this is Shire. I'm happy to see you here in my room again♪ As I introduced this in the post here, every soul has its own character. Of course the character is not just one type, but you can figure out your fundamental soul personality by this simple test: What is your most productive... Continue Reading →

My sweet guys

I have really great friends in Shamballa. They always support me and give me a great advise when I need it. Whoever tries to keep accessing Shamballa will eventually meet his/her "advisor." I recognized my advisor probably a few months after I started accessing there. He is very good looking (Everyone in Shamballa is beautiful... Continue Reading →

My wishes come true

Hi! This is Shire. I hope you are doing great♪ Shamballa has its unique group called "dimensional-operation" team. They are the group of people who can predict how a thing supposes to proceed and change (if necessary) to the desired path=dimension. Dimension is not just a space/area defined by coordinates but also parallel worlds in... Continue Reading →

My body in Shamballa, Part 2

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing well ♪ So, I talked last time about two (2) astral bodies we have: ethereal body & emotional body (thoughtform). Ethereal body belongs to(within) your physical body which has basically the same figure (look) as your physical body. Emotional body exists totally separately in Shamballa and... Continue Reading →

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