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They can hear me singing (in my mind).

Hi, this is Shire♪ I hope you are staying nice & cozy (I actually am right now in my cozy bed).

First of all, we will have the practice run for “Let’s all sing together 2016” on December 17th, 2016 at 11am (GMT), 8pm (JST), 6am (EST). I will of course sing both in Shamballa and the real.

You don’t have to go anywhere, just sing “Happy Xmas” and “We are the World” together with us 🙂

Here is one beautiful & great page for you to check out to learn all about the exciting yet super easy event♪ I am looking forward to gathering all our sweet voices together!

I often sing in the both worlds. In the real world, I do take a voice lesson and sing some harmony parts in several musical activities/bands. In Shamballa, I am the lead singer in a band and have done a few live shows.

When I sing in both worlds at the same time, my voice seems to be stronger and create some magical effects (like dimensional operations). The song event “Let’s all sing together” supposes to create such effects in a larger scale.

By the way, when you sing or talk in your mind, people in Shamballa can actually hear them 🙂

Q. Can you guys in Shamballa (i.e. Astral world) actually hear whatever I (in the real world) think and/or talk in my mind?

A. We do not normally checking them out so closely all the time, but yes, your whatever voices (in your mind) are heard distinctly. However we usually ignore them since our frequencies will go down if we stick to them too much.

– answered by Shamballa C-3 team (April 15th, 2014)

I would love to keep delivering my sweet thoughts and voices to my sweet people there♪ Hey guys, can you hear me?


C team · Shamballa


What I am seeing & feeling may be (mostly) a delusion… this is what I (in the real world) have been thinking anytime I accessed Shamballa.

The five senses of my astral (emotional) body have not been developed yet so that I always have to use “my imagination” which can be a delusion.

As long as you live your real life in heathy situation (physically, mentally & spiritually), such imagination becomes an inspiration which is not always delusion but your “true” sixth sense reacting what is going on in Shamballa.

Yes, we have to live fully & healthily in the real world in order to access Shamballa.

Otherwise, we end up with full of delusions and/or mentally collapsed. There are ones who often take drugs to keep their fantasy/delusion going on… that is not what we are accessing Shamballa for.

A reckless delusion and manipulation (April 13th, 2015)

Basically, as long as you live healthily & properly in the real world, you should have No problem having delusions in Shamballa.

This is the point many of you misunderstand about a delusion.

For example, you enjoy playing your avatar in the computer game which has a cute face, totally different age-setting and child-like movements. If you get into the game too much to lose your real existence, your life will be collapsed.

Accessing Shamballa is the same thing. You should live your real life healthily first, then you can do enjoy your another life in Shamballa.

How to recognize your experience in Shamballa (truth or delusion) is whether or not you can remember it afterwards.

That is the same as a revelatory dream.

– by Shamballa C-team.

Another way to check out whether or not you are having a bogus dream/illusion/delusion is to share your experience with your friend(s) who also live in Shamballa.

It is very interesting that your friends can tell you almost the same things you have seen/experienced if they are actually “real” in Shamballa (which is pretty much the same as the real world, isn’t it?).

C team · Shamballa

Pretty ordinary

Hello, this is Shire. I hope you are having a sweet day ♪

My schedule book (in the real world) is colorful with different projects & events both in the real and Shamballa. Well, I have a kind of schedule note in Shamballa as well, so what I have here in the real world is more for the things I do here with my physical body for Shamballa.

Hmmmm, is it confusing? I thought it would be VERY confusing at first.

How can I deal with 2 totally different life paths (some of us even deal with 3… the physical body, astral body and the mental body) ? Is it even worth doing it?


Life in Shamballa  (May 9th, 2015)

Is it possible and essential for us to build the world like Shamballa if our astral (emotional) bodies grow naturally & normally?

Yes, most everyone in the Universe does the same thing.

A double and triple life.

Some of you do enjoy the other life while the physical bodies in sleep.

They tend to forget everything when they wake up, but they (their astral bodies) still live well in Shamballa.

– answered by Shamballa C-1 team.

So, it is an ordinary & normal thing in the Universe that every body supposes to have its own life.

I thought it would happen totally out of my consciousness, but in this planet (Earth) I should wake myself up (that’s  called “enlightened” and/or “awaken”) in order to get most benefit out of it.

Benefit? yes, I finally started feeling this double life is fuller than full. That is a part of the reason why I started writing this blog.

C team · Shamballa

Forever young in Shamballa

I look like early 30s in Shamballa, and I suppose to keep this shape & look till the end of my life there.

Not just me, everyone there never get “old.” When you see 75-years-old father and 50-years-old son in Shamballa, both of them probably look like late 20s~early 30s. Yes, both of them.

Age in Shamballa (November 24th, 2015)

I am already an adult (age) in Shamballa. I can’t really imagine “growing up” anymore. Do you think I will keep my shape & look as is since people won’t be aging in Shamballa?

We, people in Shamballa, all have removed cause of aging.

That means we never age (get old) after early 30s.

30s are time for change in the cellular tissue, and people never get old if they try not have the cellular change.

This actually applies to physical bodies (in the real world) as well.

We can’t tell you the mechanism yet, but it is not a gene manipulation.

It is not your life-style.

It is not your eating habits either.

Can you imagine what it is?

Thank you very much for your questions.

– answered by Shamballa C-2 team.

Hmmmm, we may be able to beat aging in this physical dimension as well.

By the way, lots of people who have been accessing Shamballa (as far as I know) are very young there (most of them are teenagers). Why? I will explain it some other time.

I need to go to a nice bed now 🙂



C team · Shamballa

Beautiful people

My vision in Shamballa is still pretty blur (like a newborn baby). But I often get images through my third-eye which I look it as a sense than an actual vision. Hmmm, it’s hard to explain it with words, but I would say that I normally get a lot of information there through my third eye which can translate into images, sentences and more rarely but occasionally hearings.

Even with my blur eyes and unreliable (laugh) third-eye images, people in Shamballa are very, very beautiful. Well, they all have great looks in their own ways. I have never seen “ugly” face there yet.

Like us humans on Earth, Shamballa has many different kinds/race of people (many of them currently live or used to live on this physical dimension)… oh well, I am not going to talk about ETs in this time (of course such “people” are there as well though). White, black, yellow, red… Europeans, Americans, Asians, Indians, etc., etc., they all look really beautiful. It almost looks like a huge modeling agent wonderland, hahaha!

Appearance and justice (February 25th, 2015)

This is kinda trivial question though, would you please explain why people in Shamballa, Mars and Venus are all so beautiful? When I was a child, I read a story that beautiful aliens and ugly ones came to Earth and of course people on Earth welcomed only beautiful ones but they were actually really evil. I was really surprised because I thought the beauty would be an expression of “right/justice” at that time.

Well, it (becoming beautiful) is an evolution.

For example, when you compare a photo of children 70 years ago (during WWII) and now, you can easily notice that they look way more beautiful now than then, right?

That essence of the beauty is existing in your DNA.
There is a DNA which determines the shape of “beauty.”
It makes us change to the shape.
Beautiful appearance has really totally eaten into our DNA which makes us feel so happy when we become that.

People in Shamballa (Mars & Venus) are your predecessors so that they are all naturally beautiful.

– answered by Shamballa C-3 team.

After spending some time in Shamballa, I don’t really care how beautiful they look but their mind and heart.

After all, what you feel “beautiful” is pretty much same no matter where you are♡