What I am seeing & feeling may be (mostly) a delusion... this is what I (in the real world) have been thinking anytime I accessed Shamballa. The five senses of my astral (emotional) body have not been developed yet so that I always have to use "my imagination" which can be a delusion. As long... Continue Reading →

Pretty ordinary

Hello, this is Shire. I hope you are having a sweet day ♪ My schedule book (in the real world) is colorful with different projects & events both in the real and Shamballa. Well, I have a kind of schedule note in Shamballa as well, so what I have here in the real world is... Continue Reading →

Forever young in Shamballa

I look like early 30s in Shamballa, and I suppose to keep this shape & look till the end of my life there. Not just me, everyone there never get "old." When you see 75-years-old father and 50-years-old son in Shamballa, both of them probably look like late 20s~early 30s. Yes, both of them. Age... Continue Reading →

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