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Definition of Ascension

[☆This post was originally appeared in August, 2014 which was pre-Ascension date. According to Shamballa, the Ascension of this planet Earth has been completed in the individual level by the end of 2015 while the level of entire human-being has been going on since 2016.]

What is your definition of “Ascension” in Shamballa?

It is a dimensional movement.
It is also called a high frequency dimensional movement.

It means definitionally that a macro change per group and planet.   Continue reading “Definition of Ascension”

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Slowly about dimensions

Thank you very much for your question. It will be answered by the staff members in Shamballa. The explanation may sound a little sluggish to you, but we hope you will understand eventually.

I have seen the word “dimension” in this blog.
We often use this word like “You are in the different dimension,” but I am not really sure what “dimension” is all about.

I am sorry if this is another repetition of the same kind of questions. Continue reading “Slowly about dimensions”

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People who become a part of the planet (after death)

I have a question about “Star/Planet” in this time.
Our ancestors had said people become a star/planet after the death.

Please explain the relation between humans and stars/planets as well as Astral & Mental bodies and stars/planets which should be pretty easy for us to understand.

Continue reading “People who become a part of the planet (after death)”

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Difference between a desk in the physical world and Shamballa

Where is “The thing” which mind inheres in (or has the ability called thinking) coming from? ≪I became confused “intention” with “thought” at that point.≫

I am wondering there may be a principle which causes the natural connection to give birth to “The thing” which mind inheres… Continue reading “Difference between a desk in the physical world and Shamballa”