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What is Earth by nature???

Thank you very much for this opportunity, A-team.
I would like to ask you the questions I have been thinking of before the year (2014) ends.

I saw the following notion in the explanation of the experiment on the 20th (of December):

Although a planet essentially has to grow herself soul-wise, the Earth had not been able to do so. That was the prediction of human extinction in the year 1999. Therefore, no dimensional movement occurred and the Earth had repeated the same time frame several times.

However, the repetition stopped in cooperation with every possible supports. Now, all you have to do is the Ascension which the mission to bring the Earth back to the original state.Continue reading “What is Earth by nature???”

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Double-soul and Angel

Good evening, dear Beth & staff members in Shamballa!
This is my first question ever submitting to you (I’m nervous)☆

I took a (spiritual) reading session the other day and heard that I am a double (= double-soul). (The channeller said) two higher-selves appeared in two different dimensions.

I have read several past entries of your blog about the double-soul so that it could make sense if I was one of them since I had troubles with many contradictions inside of myself for a long time. Continue reading “Double-soul and Angel”

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Time Feeling

Hi, this Shire. I hope you are doing great today ♪

As I mentioned on this entry before, Shamballa time is about 4~5 times longer than the real/physical world. When I started accessing Shamballa a few years ago, I thought I would be able to spend sooo much time for whatever I would love to do since there are way more time there than the real world!

Then, what I feel nowadays is like this, “Wow! It’s already 7pm?!” “No!! I have to do that thing now~!”… this sounds too much like myself in the real world!! What’s going on with me?!

What A-team (in Shamballa) used to tell us is,

When people really focus on some things, the passage of time starts sifting since the mentality becomes more centered with the astral body (rather than the physical body). A day in the physical world still counts as one day (with your physical body), but the actual time gets much faster when you really focus on things. That time never gets disappeared, but it definitely shift from the physical world.

You do not get old either since the passage of your cell-time gets much slower which synchronizes your time with the astral body.

From A-1: Time to be absorbed (February 16th, 2015)

Hmmm, so, I guess the time passage is really a relative thing which depends on how you spend/feel it. There is no “absolute” time (well, there is a measure for our reference) in the world everyone applies to (It actually exists but I am not going to talk about it in this time).

When I compare the time between Shamballa and the real world, there is definitely a big time difference. However, when I spend my time in Shamballa, my time feeling is pretty much the same as the real world. In fact, when I really focus on things I love doing (in the real world), I feel the time totally disappears (which A-team talks above)…

If I focus and spend lots of time in Shamballa, I may already be dead next time I realize in the real world, hahahahaha (sweating)!!

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Good condition

I almost had no problem accessing Shamballa, but there were a few times I could not be there before.

Q. Could you please let us know some examples (physical & mental conditions) when we can’t access our rooms in Shamballa?

A. You have to have a good condition both in physical & mental whenever you can access Shamballa, so your immune system may be slightly down when you have difficult time to do so.

– “Having difficulty in accessing Shamballa” answered by Shamballa A-team (September 27th, 2014)

When I started accessing Shamballa, I tried really hard to focus on what I could see especially I wanted to see my advisor and myself in a mirror.

Usually, our optic nerves (of Astral body) are like newborn baby when we start accessing there. It is not actually just optic nerves but the whole five senses. So, it takes time to get used to be.

But I wanted to expedite the whole process as quick as possible so that I had tried staying focus as much as I could…. then, I have got really tired and started having headaches.

Once you feel really tired and/or having headaches, you should stop accessing there for at least three (3) days. I did it once, and then I became way more comfortable being there and having a normal life in the real world as well.

Besides this, there are occasions you can’t access there such as being really low frequencies. When you have lots of negative energies in you (disliking someone, regretting what you have done, etc.), you are not able to access there either.

In order to enjoy your double life between Shamballa and the physical world, you have to have a healthy real life which keeps your frequencies in a good balance.

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Frequency – 3

What do you think the best way to stabilize your frequency is? Meditation? Deep breath? Zen? some kind of Sports? Yoga?

Actually, waking up at the same time everyday, it is.


The reason is relating to a dimension.

You all believe the 24-hours are always same (place)….yesterday, today and tomorrow, don’t you?

However, “days” in your world actually move in spiral.

You tend to misunderstand about this since you usually think time moves in a straight-line.

In fact, it moves in spiral within dimensions.

Therefore, when you wake up at the same time, you will be at a really slightly different dimension each day.

This stimulates your immediate next dimension everyday.

For example, some annual rituals (at the places like old Shinto shrines in Japan) have exact same (strict) movements every year. This is a long-term stimulation for the spiral over a year.

If you keep waking up at the same time which means that you keep stimulating dimensions, “the core” will appear eventually.

The core can stop severe changes in dimensions.

Monks, militaries and even at many prisons do the same manner which suppress the fluctuations not only in dimensions but also in mental conditions.

– answered by Shamballa A-team (December 28th, 2014)

So, if we keep waking up at the same time everyday, the core will appear in a spiral which stops all our up & down changes in dimensions as well as mental conditions. That really means we stabilize our frequencies.

It seems a pretty simple thing… but I admit I am not good at that at all! Because I love sleeping late on weekends both in the real world and Shamballa…

I guess I still have a looooong way to be a really stable & high frequency person (lol).

(There is an alternative way: to have a hobby and/or something you can totally be intent on — That might be easier for me♡)


Thanks a lot for reading this “frequency” series. I may come back to talk more about it in near future. Now, I am going to have a breakfast in Shamballa 🙂