Fate & Destiny☆宿命と運命

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪ When I was taking a class in Shamballa, my teacher talked to me about the difference between "fate" and "destiny" which I would tend to get confused the definition in the physical world. Here is the answers & phrases from Shamballa... Continue Reading →

Battle against Gene

Q. This is a question regarding the gene of fight/battle implanted into humans on the Earth. "Killing for a fight/battle is not the element that the soul of human originally had in the system." "In our soul, there is the absolute order: Do not kill human, and we all are supposed to know the soul... Continue Reading →

What is Earth by nature???

Q. Thank you very much for this opportunity, A-team. I would like to ask you the questions I have been thinking of before the year (2014) ends. I saw the following notion in the explanation of the experiment on the 20th (of December): "Although a planet essentially has to grow herself soul-wise, the Earth had... Continue Reading →

Double-soul and Angel

Q. Good evening, dear Beth & staff members in Shamballa! This is my first question ever submitting to you (I'm nervous)☆ I took a (spiritual) reading session the other day and heard that I am a double (= double-soul). (The channeller said) two higher-selves appeared in two different dimensions. I have read several past entries of... Continue Reading →

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