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Fusion and Harmony

Hi, this is Shire. Hopefully you all are having a fun week ♪ Not fun yet? I usually do something really makes me be absorbed… cleaning a bathroom, LOL! Why? because that is the best time (somehow) for me to access Shamballa, hahaha. My bathroom gets really clean and I enjoy in Shamballa. It’s all good 🙂

Anyways, I just had an aura reading session last night (in the physical world, of course). This aura reading was the first door for me to check out the world of spirituality about 10 years ago. I was just curious to see how each aura color really would suggest my condition, past lives and even suggestions for my future path. Since then, I became really interested in the “energy” and different bodies and consciousness, and now, I live in different worlds and lives at the same time. Continue reading “Fusion and Harmony”

Diary · physical body

Meeting in real…

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are doing great and enjoying sunlight!

As you have noticed (by me not updating this blog so often), I have been pretty busy (I really hate to say this word “busy”!) working with different stuff both in Shamballa and the physical world. Both worlds are connected and linked in me so that they are affecting both of us equally & effectively.

You may think I have been seeing delusions, right? I (in the physical world) thought so too 🙂 But who can actually prove “this (physical world) is the only reality”? Continue reading “Meeting in real…”

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No comparison

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are having a lovely time on this weekend ♪ I am getting ready for my live show (in the real world, hee-hee) tonight! It should be fun 🙂

I usually do not check out what people do, wear, make how much money…type of things.

I used to do it though. I thought it would be very important to know where/which level I am standing in the current society I belong to. The comparison is the only way we, humans can understand ourselves… that is what I had been taught and believing for a long time.

Since I started consciously living in both Shamballa and the real world, I totally stopped checking out what other people were doing, eating, wearing, having fun with, etc. I am not interested in or do not care what other people do physically (movie titles, trendy items, hit music, popular restaurants and so on).

I am more interested in what “I feel” about things I see, hear, wear, eat, listen… yes, checking myself out more carefully.

At the same time, I am still definitely curious to see what other people feel & react about certain things. I just do not rely on the opinions anymore. I would like to see and listen, that’s all. I just enjoy different values which are also called frequencies.

As I go with the flow….

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I used to be really interested in connecting my higher-self (wikipedia). I was told that he/she supposes to know everything about myself and true myself. Hmmm, is that my subconsciousness?

Anyways, I tried to take a few reading sessions with some clairvoyants before and heard many things… which most of them have become the things I already knew, hahaha. I believe because I have been connecting better with my higher-self than before.

Higher-self is usually hiding in your really really deep area of subconsciousness.

When you normally see/hear it in like a hypnotic state, that higher-self is mostly your astral body or mental body.

True higher-self does not appear normally even in your dream.

– by Shamballa School faculty team (August 6th, 2015)

I have always seen the same “person (higher-self I have believed)” in the real world and Shamballa. Especially in Shamballa, you can actually sit down and talk with your higher-self like your friend. With your advisor in Shamballa, your higher-self can be truly a great supporter.

A few years ago, I (in the real world) saw the vision of my higher-self and confirmed it by a few different clairvoyants (they all saw the same person/figure). It was a beautiful lady with a blond-ish long hair. That was the higher-self I had been seeing in Shamballa as well. Then, soon I realized “she” is actually my mental body which what mentioned above (by Shamballa School faculty) was absolutely correct.

In any case, I really enjoy having a conversation with the lady (my mental body) in Shamballa ♪