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As for “self-destruction,”

What should I do with my past mistakes/faults which I could not make amend mentally and situation-wise directly at that time?

The last card I picked at a fortune-telling was “forgiving myself.” It can be way overdue now so that I should be able to forgive myself. I think I have already paid an enough painful price for it.

I never be planning on any such mistakes from now on. However, I feel distressed whether or not I should do something else when I hear the things like “self-destruction.”

Please let me know what you think. m(._.)m

A. It is pretty easy (to solve the issue and avoid self-destruction). Let’s recall the time when you did the mistake/fault.

What was the other person doing?
How did he/she look at you? Was he/she smiling? or upsetting?
or looking sad?
What were you doing then?

Then, please do apologize him/her “I am sorry” as it was just happening. If it was for your parents, please do so with hanging on to them.

Please tell him/her everything, all your excuses, why you did it, what you did not like about him/her, etc., etc… tell everything as your heart desires. It is totally fine to cry and/or get angry.

After that, please look at him/her slowly.
Does his/her face look different?
What does he/she say to you?

When you feel settled again, please say “Thank you, and good-bye.”
Then, take a deep breath and come back here.

That’s all.

Thank you for your question.


from Questions by beginners week 11
August 15th, 2017
(初心者用: 自己破壊について)
Original entry in Japanese

[Translated and edited by Shire]

Beth's Blog · questions by beginners

Shallow-layer Astral body and the special district; Offering sense/feeling energies

[This is an old information which was applied pre-Ascension time – until the end of 2015. The special district no longer exists either. But the question & answer seem pretty interesting for you to check out…. by Shire]

I hope I can still be in time for the beginners’ week…(。_。*) Thank you very much for this opportunityヾ(*・ω・*)o

I can easily connect to the incorporeal world and see really clear visions when I have a doze in the morning. Continue reading “Shallow-layer Astral body and the special district; Offering sense/feeling energies”

Beth's Blog · questions by beginners

Is there body per dimension?

Hello, I would like to confirm an information regarding dimension.

Q1.Currently, a physical body belongs to the 4.5th dimension, Shamballa in the shallow-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 5.5th dimension, Shamballa in the deep-layered Astral (world) belongs to the 6th dimension, a Mental body belongs to the 7th dimension and a Causal body belongs to the 8th dimension. Is that right?

A.  Yes, if they ever exist. Continue reading “Is there body per dimension?”