Thank you very much for coming to my room!

My name is Shire Margaret (this is my first & middle name, by the way) – that is the name of my astral body in Shamballa. Shamballa is a name of the dimension/world where you see in your dream & imagination or some say, “the world after death.”

Shamballa is a country on Earth in Astral world (dimensions).

Myself in the physical world on this planet Earth currently live in the US and is originally from Japan. I have been spending so much time in my imaginary world as well as the physical world which I totally feel like living in interesting double life. I had thought that Shamballa was my real world for a while. Well, who said that perception IS reality…?

This is my room to share my thoughts, ideas, actions and dreams from both of me with you, friends. Nothing special, just like toys scattered in your room. Hopefully you’ll find what you like!

Let’s see how goes…




シャンバラとは、アストラル界~メンタル界にまたがって存在する地球の国 と言われています





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