Thank you very much for coming to my room!

My name is Shire Margaret (this is my first & middle name, by the way) and I live in Shamballa. This blog is about my everyday life, thoughts and information regarding Shamballa and its people.

What is Shamballa?

You might have seen or heard the name on several different places such as a fantasy world, a world after death, an underground society, etc., etc.

Shamballa is a country on Earth in Astral world (dimensions).

You may think it’s an illusion or delusion. That is totally fine. It is important to have the mind that things you see & hear may not always be real in this world anyways.

I just hope you will enjoy reading & imagining what I do there. And one day, you may want to check it out by yourself. Yes, you can always access there!

Let’s see how goes…

** If you would like to find out more about Shamballa, there is this Japanese blog where the only place on Earth in this dimension you can contact people there and ask questions.**










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