My truth☆自分の真実

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

In my last class (of the energy work), the teacher asked us the following question: What is your truth? What does it look like?

Truth? What? I’ve written about the topic so so many times and said that “truth” could be anything we would define by ourselves. It is not common phenomenon, knowledge or idea. Your truth is just for you, and mine is just for me.

“Yes, so, what do you see it in your space?” my teacher asked me again. My space is where I use my third-eye (6th chakra/ clairvoyance) aka Shmaballa’s room. Well, I asked my higher-self (during the class, I try not ask my adviser in Shamballa for a help) “Hey, show me whatever my truth stuff… please.” Then, I saw the rose petals coming down like a snowfall from way above somewhere in my space. It was really beautiful and gorgeous. I described what I was seeing in my class, and my teacher just said, “Wow, that’s beautiful! I see, that is your energy as your truth.”

Honestly, I’m not really sure what really mean by the scene I saw in my space. It might be just a joke from my higher-self (which could be very possible because you know, he/she is that kind of type, LOL), or could be a message from Shamballa or something else. What important to me at this point about the scene is that my reaction, “How I FEEL it”. The scene was a visualization of my energy labeled as “my truth” which was really beautiful, gorgeous and also super clean & warm. I felt a sense of congratulation as well.

I’ve done so many different methods and attempts to find out who I am – enlightenment. The class gives me another approach to it, and by now, I think I already know it (at least myself in Shamballa and above all know it). I just so enjoy different angles and views to see & feel it. After all, that is somewhat everyone’s common life mission…. That’s what I leaned from my experiences.








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