Signs again☆またまたサイン

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

My physical condition has been pretty well despite the busy work schedule (I have not had any day-off since September, 2021). My plans & ideas have been going well without any issues, and I have not had any concerns/troubles/problems lately either at my workplace or private/side-job. I’ve realized that my car (zipcar) was running so smooth without hitting red signals on my way to & on my way back from grocery shopping.

I used to have one or two ulcers in my mouth almost all time by accidentally biting (tongue, side of mouth). I thought it happened because of my bad bite, but I guess not because I don’t have it anymore (without any special treatment). That might be one of those signs that I was either stressed out or was dealing with issues.

All I have been focusing lately on is to fill myself with only my own energy. That’s all.

I’m a bit surprised I can notice so quickly that my life gets nicer & peaceful with the great physical condition. Now, I really have to be careful with my weight because I really enjoy having a good meal, LOL.








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