Standing my present☆私の今

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Yes, my days have been pretty (consistently) busy and productive. My side-job has become a little bit easier although I have been working everyday (without “off-days”) since September. There are several interesting issues (positive & negative) related to the job on a daily basis such as angry Emails, no understanding and super demanding customers, encouraging postings, etc.

My energy-work class does help me to realize none of such energies (good or bad) belong to me. None of them are mine. That is ultra true (however, many of us tend to forget and absorb them as our issues). As long as I know and remind me, I can fill up my space with ONLY my energy and feel stable & calm.

Our physical body can only exist in our present time, here and now. When we can match our spirit at the same time & place, we can realize how we truly feel about ourselves, our surroundings and our world. Of course I had heard this so many times and knew it as a trivia/knowledge. But I had never realized how powerful that really means until I took a moment to set myself to do it: standing my present.

Most of us (including myself) are always thinking something about either future or past… what I’m gonna cook for a dinner, what I should say at the meeting, what else I should prepare for the class, I’m worried if I miss the train, I would like to buy this and that, no I should have changed my mind at that time, I wish I could write a better letter, etc., etc. Right? How about you? Aren’t you thinking something either has not even happened yet or already had happened? We hardly ever notice ourselves “mentally & spiritually” being in the present time & place.

That creates energy gap between ourselves and our body. When the gap gets bigger, I believe our physical body gets tired, disconnected and eventually gets sick or injured. That’s why we are often heard this phrase: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Your body is the voice of your spirit in order for us to stand our present time. Here and Now.







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