Safe space☆安全地帯

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’m writing this in between my work (side-job) hours, lol (btw, today is still Sunday in the US). Well, yes, I’ve been receiving several complaints & difficult questions from customers…. I would be totally absorbed by the negative energies if I was not knowing about energies & grounding. I am totally cool & fine in my safe space now 🙂

This magical barrier does help you to keep yourself in the safe space as well. I do use it as well as some new tools I’ve learned from my current energy-work class. Such boundaries do help us to protect from any harmful energies around us.

Also, it is nice to be grounded. I had heard this so many times before, but I didn’t really notice until I started working on the grounding meditation more often. It does work for us to really settle & calm down.

It is pretty important especially in this very unsettling time. Please keep your space safe & secure physically , mentally and spiritually.







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