Different world☆違う世界

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I started involving a totally different work environment as a side-job one of my friends invited me to join in. Yes, we all know that a different job has totally different frequency which we can feel like a “different world.” In this time, the industry (a SNS platform) is so different from where I usually belong that the difference is more obvious and thus makes me feel curious a lot 🙂

This type of things actually, I think, does not happen so often since we tend to live & stay within our “capable” frequency. Let’s imagine… You usually work as an office clerk at a small company in a small town, and all of a sudden you somehow get involved as a crew of Rolling Stones’ world tour… what would you see & feel? Of course, it will be a completely different world from where you usually live. The change is not just the surrounding scenery but also the people, ideas and cultures associate with the particular industry.

Different industry creates the different culture, philosophy, policy and manner which I feel to jump in a different world. Some of you might have encountered such situations/experiences before, but I think most of us only encounter a bit of them by meeting the person (such as your boy/girlfriend) who ends up having a totally different value from yours which you two can never live in the same world.

Yes, those people in the different world because the different (to me) values are their “normal” and “comfortable.” They and I can probably recognize and/or acknowledge each other, but we are probably unable to live together. That’s what I refer to the “different world (frequency).”

Anyways, as long as the basic human rules and morals are shared with, I can still work with the people who have different ideas/values in the different world. Such experiences are just better and helpful for me to gain more insights of the world I would like to live in.










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