Diary: August 21st, 2021

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I just finished cleaning my room and am feeling (finally) relaxed a bit. It has been the busy week with many updates around me here and there. I’m still in the middle of certain stuff, but my new “good habit” does really help me staying calm and stable.

On Monday (16th), my desk at work was replaced to brand-new, stand-able (adjustable) one. My old desk was way overdue (It was there even before I started working 20 years ago!), but I somehow thought it would be impossible to replace unless the desk became totally unusable (well, it was a half-way there though, LOL). When I talked to the head of facilities casually about it while we were scheduling to move-in some furnitures for our new director, he said to me “Oh, of course I can get you a new desk too!” Well, it was that easy and I have been waiting for 20 years to replace my old (half-broken) desk. Anyways, I’m super happy with the new desk even though I had to clean/organize the 20+ years of dirt around my work space.

On Tuesday (17th), I did receive a brand-new smartphone. My work phone needed to be replaced (not just desk!) due to some minor issues. As many of my friends know, I usually love such gadgets a lot; however, I hesitate to replace my work phone because of a few complicated settings. It’s not so easy as to just set-up my personal phone which there are several security apps/restrictions involved. Of course I failed the process a few times and ended up spending the whole afternoon just to set up the phone! The whole process really made me tired a lot, but the phone has been working super well since then 🙂

On Wednesday (18th), I participated several meetings on Zoom & Google Meet. Yes, another busy day with many conversations and project updates.

On Thursday (19th), I went to my practice studio in San Francisco after work. I enjoyed the new phone’s metronome app while I was hitting hard on my drum-set. I usually get some muscle pains/dullness after my practice, but I did not have any pain last a few weeks since I started doing the grounding meditation when I finished my practice at the studio. The grounding work seems really effective to heal my physical body.

On Friday (20th), I was working to close the fiscal year 2021. Our system will reset for the new fiscal year 2022 from the next week which we are anticipating the general term change (usually) in September. Anyways, I did work with many things only applying for this time. More meetings and appointments.

So, a busy week for me. But it went pretty smooth with great timings and the grounding meditation. I hope you all will have a great & relaxing weekend!












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