Good habit☆良い習慣

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I have been working on a grounding meditation lately. Well, of course I knew how to do such mediation & grounding works and I’ve leaned them several times before. However, I could not keep doing it as part of my daily routine or a good habit.

In this time, I would really love to make it become my good habit since I’ve noticed how powerful and effective when I did it with the right mind & timing. Yes, it DOES really work for my physical body pretty well.

In the beginning, of course I fell a sleep, I felt tired and thought it would be a burden… like many of us would think/feel for any meditation/grounding works. They were the reasons why I could not keep up with it even though I had tried so many attempts. But then, I’ve got the point where I totally felt relaxed, refreshed and revitalized with full of my energy! Wow, that is what we do such works for!!

Beginning of a day, during my work hours, some evening times… there are many spots of time which I can do a quick grounding work which can re-set my mind effectively. Well, no wonder Google created some meditation rooms for the employees on their campus.

I’m working on my work with myself & my adviser in Shamballa so that I’ve been feeling pretty safe. I’m really hoping to make this as my habit so that I will be able to work with my energy much better both in Shamballa and the physical world.










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