Flowers of the month (August, 2021)

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Here is my flower arrangement in August, 2021 at the Shamballa School (imaginary school in Shamballa). Please use your maximum imagination to enjoy the pleasant Summer arrangement!

My arrangement idea has already been realized at the school lobby which you can access, take a look at whenever you do “imagine” it. The presentation below is hopefully a guide for you to enjoy the imaginary yet fun & beautiful floral arrangement.

Image of the Shamballa School Lobby

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b_ornament_64_2M.png

August 2021 〜Dahlia, Rose and Fireworks〜

The design & idea by Shire

During the hot summer time, many of you may think of jumping into a fountain or at least it should be so cool to see the water running fountain, yes? So, I have decided to put a mid-sized fountain at the lobby of Shamballa School! Yes, some of you may have seen the similar style at garden wedding scenes 🙂

Flower Vase

Well, technically we should not call it “vase,” but this is what the floral arrangement has presented with (The size & style are pretty similar to this image below except the color of fountain is more white-ish, marble like):

Flowers: Dahlias and Rose

I used several different varieties of both dahlias and roses to make the arrangement look more gorgeous. Also, the color is based on the “vitamin color” which is the gradation of yellow-oranges. I tried to make it a little softer color gradation (I mean I did not use “vivid orange” which may make you think of more Halloween). You can see the below images for your reference:

Display images

Here is some display images for your imagination support.

You can see more images of the flowers and flower vase ideas here:

Special addition

After the arrangement of floral fountain, I displayed 2 mid-large size fireworks (fire flowers) way above the fountain (They have been stabilized so that look like 2 light balls with hundreds of small lights gathered). Both of them are bi-colored (red-yellow, blue-yellowgreen) like these images below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b_ornament_64_2M.png

Please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖

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