Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Well, I usually do not prefer wearing my sunglasses. Why? Because I feel uncomfortable, I look weird, they do not seem to fit on my face, period.

Of course, I’ve tried on them so many occasions. I had to wear them when I was driving more often. My mother used to take me to her favorite shop for glasses and bought me expensive one, but it made me look like a rich madam which I felt really uncomfortable. When I tried on some “cool & fashionable” sunglasses, I never looked like a cool & fashionable person, instead, I looked like a comedian… sigh. Plus, those glasses in many cases could not stay on my face for a long time because my nose was hopelessly flat.

However, the sunlight in California has become too strong and too shiny for my eyes to bear. I could not even open my eyes naturally & look up when I started riding my scooter in the morning especially last a few days. Well, I guess I really have to wear sunglasses for my own protection at this time.

I currently have only the “madam sunglasses” which I guess it is fine for now until I get new one. I’ve found this “virtual try-on” feature which you can enjoy wearing those cool sunglasses pretty realistically. I found so many “super-disappointing my face look” with best-selling sunglasses on the site…. well, I can show you some (Yes, you can totally laugh at me!). These images are screenshots from the virtual try-on page which you all should try out (You may find really cool sunglasses there) 🙂








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