Fear & Anxiety☆恐れと不安

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’ve been noticing some people are really fearful & almost sickly anxious way more than many of us. I’m sure you have such friends or family members, yes? One of my friends in Japan was overly anxious about COVID-19 and using disinfection spray all over the house after anyone visited (including a delivery person) her and using disinfection wipes every single item she purchased from outside. She has been doing such things as a routine for over a year, but the fear of COVID-19 has been increased in her… that’s what she told me recently.

I was worried about the pandemic as well when it started last year, but I kinda made up my mind not worry too much about the virus and would rather live happily with the decent caution. I’m still ready to be in any kind of situation (good or bad), but I do/did not have any crazy high anxiety like my friend has.

Of course, the situations regarding the COVID-19 between the US & Japan are totally different so that we should not compare the level of anxiety based on that. However, I know that she is one of the people who tend to get overly anxious and fearful whenever worrisome situations arise. I thought that would be her personality, but it might not be just that.

I’ve read the interesting article from Scientific American which the professor emeritus of molecular, cell and developmental biology at UCLA talked about the emotion of fear & anxiety could be genetic. Based on the study with mice, such fear & anxiety are not just influenced by the environment but the genetically programmed such a way. There is no “fear gene” in our system, but the certain functional nerve cell receptors for the neurotransmitter would do the part. It seems a really subtle difference but does affect largely into our emotional reactions.

When you have such emotions, they may not just come from your environment or circumstances. Please do not blame your own emotion. Instead, it would be better to learn yourself much more closely so that you can enjoy your emotional personality.





これは環境とか生育状況による後天的なものだと思っていましたが、どうも遺伝的なものもあるようです。先日読んでいたScientific Americanという科学雑誌(英語です)の中で、UCLAの名誉教授がマウスを使って行なった実験の内容が書かれていたのですが、これが非常に興味深いものでした。恐怖心・不安感の非常に強いマウスは、例え平常心マウスのグループ内で一緒に過ごしてもそれが和らぐことはなく、彼らの遺伝子内にある神経回路の信号を伝える受信器の機能が多少なりとも違う、というような結果が得られたそうです。つまり、恐怖心・不安感には遺伝子的要素も関係している、ということです。



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