Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

When we try to do something new, we tend to copy/imitate one of those “experts”, yes? In these days, we can check out YouTube stuff to help initiating almost any type of project, from writing a pro-like great cooking blog to building your psychic abilities, lol!!

I’ve seen so many similar looking blogs/personal websites… eye-catchy visuals, short but vivid words, link to some videos/websites and of course “follow me!” button. Yes, the formula. Formula rules everything. Such formulas have been generated by many predecessors via classes, their websites and videos.

Yeah, even accessing Shamballa has the formula (you can call it “method” too)! Can you believe it? If you are new to this blog, you can check out this post so that “YOU” can access Shamballa too. The method was originated by a Japanese channeler who has been writing the truly original Q&A blog between people in the physical world and Shamballa. She does seem to really be able to see & listen to what’s going on in Shamballa so that many people who have been trying to access there asked her questions to confirm whether their imaginations being realized in Shamballa.

I’ve relied on her for a while in order to clarify my activities in Shamballa as well. I was never certain whether my vision was correct or not. I thought it would be safe to check in with her frequently in order to avoid indulging the delusions. It is like a kid asking her teacher to make sure she doesn’t make any mistake, isn’t it? But who knows if the teacher ever make a mistake??

Lately, I’ve been NOT asking anyone to check out my activities both in the physical world and Shamballa. In the physical world, I will for sure be warned and advised by my friends/colleagues if I do something wrong. I’m also hoping to get signs/signals if I do something terribly wrong in Shamballa as well.

I really like to find my originality in both worlds. I’m not the kid who needs to imitate someone’s formula anymore.










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