Note: clairaudience☆覚書:霊聴

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

This is a note to myself. I’ve been working on my psychic abilities a little more seriously like when I could start seeing prana after 40+ years since I was born.

I’ve experienced several occasions where I did sense extraordinary stuff such as smelling rose flowers totally realistically without actual (even virtual) roses there, seeing colored lights no one could see, knowing the correct answer even though I had no knowledge of it… things like that.

Now, I’ve been trying to train my psychic ear = clairaudience ability.

By the way, we all have such psychic abilities which everyone has unique strength. If you are curious to find out about your psychic abilities, you can try out some of the “psychic ability test” stuff and check out more detailed information regarding clair senses. Your senses can be developed and flourished by your own practice. They can certainly support you to move forward your life smoother with more excitements.

I’m training my sense more for my own necessity (regarding Shamballa), but I’m sure it will be fun for any of you who would love to develop extra sense(s) to see/hear/feel the world differently.









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