Mind off☆マインド・オフ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I used to really be stuck or almost feel trapped with my worries, problems and negative thoughts. They were really tiny things like my bandmate was not happy with my playing, my boss didn’t give me an approval for my plan, my friend didn’t choose what I recommended… even though they would never do any harm in my long term situation at all, I still felt really bothered, disappointed, and the negative scenes kept coming back in my mind over and over.

What do you usually do to take your mind off when you’ve got stuck with such tiny but negative thoughts & feelings? Running? Playing some games? Watching fun shows/movies?

I used to do above all stuff and sleep. Since I was one of those people who kept repeating and reproducing the negative feelings, sleeping was really a great remedy to cut myself off from the brain exercise being negative.

Nowadays, I rarely pay attention to negative issues/feelings. I’m sure there have been some stuff going on around me, but I guess I have been so good at taking my mind off so that I might even not realize such a thing anymore.

Well, my mind is not always staying in the physical world as many of you know. My mind is basically busy with this world and Shamballa which I can switch my sort of “main consciousness” between the 2 worlds. In other words, my physical brain can be totally detached from my physical thinking and focused thoroughly on my imagination = accessing Shamballa. I think this may be similar state of a meditation.

This is not an escape from the reality, but is a great way for me to keep myself in a good & healthy mind. At least I’ve been totally free of unhealthy negative thoughts for a few years or so.











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