Ice cream & mind☆アイスクリームと心

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’ve been having ice cream (Häagen-Dazs) lately since a few weeks ago. I found the mini-cups first and really liked them the size & taste a lot! Then, I enjoy my ice cream time almost everyday.

I used to have an ice cream at home probably once every a few years… yes, YEARS. I only had them when I went out for a lunch/dinner with friends. I find myself pretty interesting to see how such preference may change the way my physical body & mind change (or not). How come I (suddenly) started preferring the ice cream?

You may think it is not so big deal since everyone does similar things. Such things come and go purely by accident – That’s what most people think. But, do YOU really think so?

I do actually become more suspicious about my own taste and preference especially when there are noticeable changes even such a small thing like the ice cream. Why did I suddenly like to have them everyday? Was there any signal/sign that myself in the physical world being influenced by myself in Shamballa?

My taste, my preference, my skin condition… such changes do have reasons behind. You might have heard that people would prefer eating sweets when they felt really lonely. Yes, our physical conditions do get affected by how we feel inside of us.

I don’t think I love having the nice cream because I’m lonely, but I definitely feel some changes in my mind – the condition of myself in Shamballa as well. I may be a little bit more sensitive than usual. I’m not really sure yet.

Outside of my physical world is moving really fast to become “normal.” May be I feel a little behind from such state of mind. It dosen’t mean I miss the pandemic lockdown at all though.









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