Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I often encounters very interesting (important) events or circumstances based on my “unintentional” actions. You know, those things you do without thinking thoroughly in advance such as checking some webpages blankly leads you to the page makes your life totally change.

In my case, such web surfing led me eventually to Shamballa, great healers, and oh, my hairstylist too! I accidentally found her one of Japanese ad-sites in the Bay Area. I had never thought I would have stayed with her for such a long time (more than 10 years) and become so close.

To think back what I’ve experienced as important and inspirational based on such unintentional actions, I realized there was a slight pause or moment to execute the action. The moment can be called the energy of unintentional – indescribable force by Universe? subconsciousness? Higher-self? something like that.

Some Divine force does know all my movements and actions in the present, past, future and all my dimensions. That “unintentional” action is NOT caused by my physical consciousness. That’s why it is called “unintentional.”

As I have seen such experiences (could be called miracle) more and more, I started noticing that my subconsciousness/Higher-self does rule all my timelines and let my consciousness do free only within so limited space where “my blue-print (life-plan?)” never get screwed.

After all, my things always go with “the flow.”











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