Beyond imagination-2☆想像を超えて-2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

My story about meeting my adviser would sound like a fantasy or could be another delusion. Even though I still remember his voice and the feeling of hug, it might be hard for you guys to really understand the circumstances.

What I heard from my hairstylist should be a mind blowing story in the physical world. At least, I thought this (my) world would be controlled by something other than our own will or pure accidents.

She and her husband bought a house in Las Vegas right before the year 2020, and they were moving back and forth between California and Las Vegas during the pandemic time until he found a great job there in Vegas. She now works a few weeks at her salon in CA and about a week in Vegas.

She has been slowly building her network of friends & clients in Vegas which seems pretty successful since she takes more than 10 new & repeating clients every time she goes to Vegas without any major promotional activity.

One day, a new client came to get her hair done by her. The client is a Japanese woman who looks at least 10 years younger than her, and of course, both of them have never met before. My hairstylist is really good at talking funny things so that she was kinda entertaining the new client besides cutting the hair.

Then, all of a sudden, the new client lady called her the special nickname which only her husband now calls her such way. “Are you… XX (nickname)?” She was totally stunned for a minute or two. “How, how come you know my special nickname?!”

“I was actually a friend of your late mother who used to talk to me about you with the nickname.” My stylist and her mother used to live in Hawaii more than 15 years ago, and the new client lady met her mother at a massage school there and became a friend! “I actually participated your mother’s funeral in Hawaii too.” That was the special ceremony which the family & friends took a few boats to sail for certain area in order to spread her mother’s ashes. That funeral was about 10 years ago, and she could not recognize many participants at that time.

10 years later, at a small salon in the middle of nowhere (Las Vegas), 2 people met as strangers but they were actually connected through the mother who passed away long time ago.

What a crazy but amazing story it is!!! It was truly beyond anyone’s imagination. Of course, they both cried so hard together.

I think this physical world is not as boring & plain as you might think how it is.












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