My computer☆私のパソコン

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I did write more of an imaginative (delusional?) story in my previous post, but I’m pretty much realistic person today, lol. Hopefully, you will enjoy both parts of my stories.

My computer at home is a MacBook pro which I’ve got about 2 years ago. This computer was registered with the network of my workplace at that time since my apartment was a part of the property (campus). I had never used any software or work Email client with my Mac so that I was not much worried about the privacy issues.

When the pandemic made us stay home, I started using my Mac for my work as well. I had to install a few stuff for my work and everything was pretty smooth since my Mac had been recognized as a safe computer within the work network. I only work at home once a week yet it has been pretty helpful that my Mac has full capability to accomplish my tasks required at work.

Now, my work place has released even tighter security protocol for every computer in and out of the campus. I had to install extra software which would seem to have a capability to monitor the computer remotely (by the IT department). That software was required in order for the computer to access their (supposed to be) secure VPN (virtual private network).

As I wrote before, I basically think our “physical” privacy such as personal information has no longer been secured. As long as we use computer/smartphone, such information can easily run-off and be obtained by anyone who has the knowledge and technique. So, I was OK to set up my Mac for becoming completely compliant to the workplace protocol in order to work at home.

Then, I started wishing to make my “Shire property” separated and secure from my physical work stuff like myself in Shamballa and the physical world. I do not want my stuff (including this blog) as Shire to become a part of the area that physical myself has been dealing with (and the IT monitor “Shire stuff”).

Hmmmmm, I thought to buy a new computer/iPad without registration with my work network to separate the 2 platforms. But that sounds cost more and complicated to handle. I already have 2 phones to separate two identities, and I do not want to add more gadgets to maintain. What would be a good idea…?

Then, I came up with the idea of “adding new user” to my Mac! See? am I super practical or what? (Meanwhile myself in Shamballa seems having a cup of tea and relaxing at my garden there) Anyways, computers in these days are so well-built to share with several people so that each registered user can use the same computer with their own desktop & system without worrying to interfere each other’s privacy. Your family might be using one computer with all family members with the unique ID, right?

I have already been storing my files/folders in clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, iClouds) anyways so that switching users are so so easy!! When I log-in as “Shire,” I won’t have to deal with any of my physical work stuff and/or Emails, plus it seems away from the workplace network. Of course, the computer itself has been registered so that they can probably monitor the entire machine if they really want, but I don’t think they would do it without a certain reason or my permission.

I definitely feel more liberated and glad not to waste money to buy a new gadget (although the new iPad pro looks pretty attractive…)!!




以前書いたと思いますが、私の自宅コンピュータはMacBook Proで2年ほど前に入手し、その時に職場のネットワークにも登録しています。自宅が社宅のようなもので、ネットシステムが職場のテック(IT)管理下にありますので、登録しておくことでトラブルの際にサポートがすんなり受けることが出来る(勿論無料)、いうありがたい環境です。


最近になって職場全体のネットワーク・セキュリティが更に厳しくなり、新たなシステムを導入しなければ仕事のためにアクセスしていたVPN(Virtual Private Network = 仮想プライベートネットワーク)に繋げないという事になりまして、今までの私の登録内容だけでは足りない、とIT部門を交えてすったかもんだかやる羽目になりました。通信自体も暗号化してとにかく外部からのハッキングなどを徹底的に防ぐ!が目標のようですが、新システムを入れるとIT部門からのコンピュータ・モニタリングが物理的に可能になってしまうのです💦勿論勝手にそんな事をするのは違法ですし、多分相当の技術がないと難しいとは思いますが、いよいよ完全丸裸モードかしら・・・と腹を括る事態となってきたのです。







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