Feeling sick?☆突然具合が・・・

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Well, a few hours ago when I finished my tasks at home (I was working at home today), I suddenly felt a little sick. I had a slight chest & stomach pain like you would feel if you ran so fast with all your energy.

“Oh, no….” I did sit down and took a deep breath, then I gradually felt normal again. At the same time, I heard the sound of puffing & blowing inside me… well, rather behind my brain? That is the area I kinda see the vision of Shamballa whenever I imagine/access there.

Apparently I was somehow running hard in Shamballa and became totally out of breath or got sick by such a physical motion. My astral body in Shamballa is pretty fragile (totally opposite from my physical body) so that running like that would cause severe damage which some symptoms were conducted even to my physical body.

I used to have stuff like this more often before since I didn’t know how weak my astral body was. But it has been pretty good lately since I was more careful until today.

Well, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But I have been experiencing things like this for more than 5 years by now, and I have recognized & enjoyed the benefits being aware of different bodies of myself.








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