Diary: May 30th, 2021

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’m having a long weekend here in the US (Memorial Day is on Monday, the 31st). It has been a pretty cozy and relaxing time.

As I mentioned in my previous post, here is some photos from the bakery:

I purchased a few pastries and cakes, and of course they all were pretty good! They totally reminded me of some bakeries in Japan. I haven’t had such “Asian style” pastries for more than 1 year so that they made me feel so happy! (I don’t care how much weight I’ve gained since then… LOL)

It has been really sunny & beautiful here. I see flowers blooming fully and trees are growing with brand new green leaves. My neighborhood is quiet, but it should be pretty noisy & crowded every gathering place such as beaches, parks, shopping malls and even supermarkets. People are so excited to get together & enjoy the holiday weekend especially since nothing could be allowed last year.

I think I did write last year that my basic everyday life would be not so different whether or not the lockdown happened, and indeed it really does not look much different. Yet, I still feel the excitement & celebration of human life by the breeze coming into my room. Oh, I smell of BBQ now 🙂











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