New something☆新しい何か

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Today’s title is “New something,” not “something new.” I would like to emphasize the “new” part which is an expression of you probably feel – that would refresh & stimulate your system. I do not really care what the thing (something) make you feel “new”. I just adore the sensation of “new.”

The feeling/stimulation by “new” is a pretty significant part of my life. That sensation suddenly triggers my brain & beyond (I think my energy system & soul itself) to activate or tune into my learning system. No matter how good or bad the “new” is, my system loves to accept it as a matter/thing/subject/energy to learn. I love the sensation.

I like to check out many news which I encounter so many “new” items in both good and bad ways. However, the sensation is not so dramatic & direct because they are not something I have been experiencing. News don’t really wake my whole system up but just a small stretch exercise in my physical brain.

You can experience “new” on a daily basis if you are really aware of your surroundings. Things, even those you feel like routine works, are different everyday and you can notice “new” in there.

Today, one of my blogger friends has introduced a bakery around my neighborhood in her blog which I’ve never known before. It looks very cool and super tasty which totally triggers my “new” sensation! Well, I will check the bakery out tomorrow for sure!! Yay!!



さて、本日のお題は「新しい、何か」としていますが、通常英語では「Something new」と書くことが通常です。何か、の部分が強調される形ですが、私は(何かに出会った時の)「新しい」の感覚、センセーションがとにかく大好きなので、こちらをメインにしています。





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