Video addiction☆動画中毒

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Many of you probably know how those “Q-kind” people have become “super” into such crazy (conspiracy) stories, don’t you? Yes, they all have totally become (streaming) video addicts. I’ve read several reports & documentaries by the victims whose parents & loved ones became super Q-believers by watching those streaming videos like YouTube channels for more than several hours everyday. No wonder why they could be easily brain-washed by themselves with the endless streaming video programs!

But… haven’t you wondered how & why they could keep watching so so many videos such a long time?

Well, that’s absolutely thanks to the Google’s AI reference technology. When you watch a streaming video… let’s say a cute cat’s video, you definitely notice there are several more of the similar videos for you to check out at the end of the clip. Of course, you would love to check them out, yes? You may find even cutter, more adorable cats on those videos. You may end up watching 5 or more cute cats videos. You know, you have done that, right?

The Google’s reference algorithm is pretty brilliant which benefit many of us by finding great places, restaurants, movies and video programs totally fit our taste. We need absolutely NO effort to find those stuff we most likely enjoy a lot.

That is the danger when it comes to some possibly harmful genres such as conspiracy theories.

One time, I was searching some UFO documentary videos for a research purpose. As soon as I saw one of them on YouTube, I started seeing so many similar, Alien-inspiring, weird video clips showing up as the references. Many of them really tried hard to attract audience so that I’ve seen the flood of images which were more colorful, sensational, and exaggerated expressions. I was really exhausted and tried to delete all my video viewing histories, but some of them still occasionally pop up as my “possible favorite” videos… agh!

I was not a fan of UFO stuff so that I could totally ignore the reference. But if I was more into those areas, you know what it would be, yes? Please imagine if you were interested in some of the “Q” stuff and happened to watch one of those videos, and the similar (could be more shocking) stories lined up on your PC screen afterwards, well, how possibly you could ignore them?! How about the anti-vaccine stuff or COVID-19 never existed story?!

We are definitely living in the very very touchy world now. Anyone can fall into the hole. Please be careful.












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