Blooming again☆再び花開く

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Last spring, I was asked to take care of a pot of orchid by one of my colleagues at work. His office area was a nice corner of various plants & flowers. It was the perfect spot (His desk was right next to a huge window) to grow such greens & colorful flowers.

It was the day we were told to go home immediately after work because of the lockdown order (shelter-in-place) by the County & State.

I was not sure I could take the orchid pot with me. I never was able to grow any plant/green successfully at home. Even those “easy to grow” greens, somehow didn’t survive which I became pretty sad and bitter about them… “I should not own any plant. They didn’t want me to take care of them.”

But my colleague said that it would be nice for me to take care of the orchid even just for a while, then I could bring it back to the office when the lockdown would end. He & I at that time were thinking the lockdown would be just a few weeks or so. He said, “It is almost blooming! You will love it!!” I could not say “NO” and took the orchid with me.

It started blooming right after I settled the pot.

I was amazed and enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers for a while. After the time of flowers was over, I cut the branch to give her more room to grow.

Meanwhile, none of us could go to our office for about 1 month, and most plants at his office had died without water except a few which I had been watering during the last year since I was the only person (as an essential worker) who could access the office.

The orchid was definitely survived, but I was worried several occasions which her leaf became withered one at a time, or she seemed to stop growing at all. I’ve heard that it would be extremely difficult to make the flowers bloom again at next season. My mother (who owns several pots of orchid as well) used to say that she had hard time to take care of them which made me feel really anxious about this little orchid pot.

So, this is the orchid today:

Fully bloomed!! She made it. Can you imagine how happy I am?!

I guess I am going to ask her to stay with me for a while 🙂















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