Negative stuff☆ネガ事象

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I believe NO ONE would love to have any negative issue, negative thought, negative incident, or whatever make you feel super negative, right??

Of course, I don’t like any of such negative stuff including my own negative thoughts. I can be stuck in a negative mood for a while by such a tiny thing like this. In fact, I did get upset again yesterday when the delivery person left my box at the exact same place (where my previous lost box was left)!! Well, I already came home at the time it was delivered so that I jumped out to get it as soon as I received the notice of delivery completion. Although I didn’t call the delivery company for the complaint, I didn’t leave any tip for the driver. This incident definitely made me feel pretty bad.

Despite how difficult to deal with negative thoughts & issues, I still welcome them occasionally.

I actually did have the time “I never had any negative issue in my life” during the pandemic last year. I didn’t have to deal with difficult people at all, and I didn’t have to worry about encountering crazy/dangerous situation (because no one was outside!). I had enough food & money to survive, no one bothered me, no where I had to go, I could stay home as much as I wished!

Then, what did I think? Well, I liked it a lot of course!! But then, I started feeling pretty bored. Movies, books, zoom chats did entertain me, but I felt that my brain didn’t really get refreshed or grown at all. That was one of the reasons why I started taking some online classes. When we study something, we most likely hit some walls to break through. We tend to feel negative when the wall seems too high or too firm to penetrate/overcome. As we get struggled harder, we usually become wiser, stronger and accomplished.

Even with my small incident (lost box), I did learn how to deal with such issue and came up with a better solution which I believe I would be a little bit smarter than before.

We probably learn better and more from a little negative side of issues than positive experiences. To me, small to moderate negative stuff usually give me great time & space to move forward wisely with a wider/better view.

Well, that’s a part of my chat with a teacher in Shamballa.












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