To my mothers☆お母様達へ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Today, several places celebrate Mother’s Day. It feels really amazing to imagine what we did on the last Mother’s Day. It was still the true beginning of COVID-19 pandemic which most of us had no idea how long the lockdown would keep going and were so worried about no just our parents but our own health and life itself.

Well, I (in the physical world) couldn’t and cannot see my mother who is currently in Japan, so it does not change much. I sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers both years, and she really liked it. At this point, I am so glad that my mother and father in Japan have been in pretty good health despite of their age (They are mid-late 70s) and the current serious virus situation there.

I also have another “mother” type of person in Shamballa who has been really watching me over. She is a super pretty & cool lady who I admire all time. I was putting a biiiiiig bouquet together with many many roses while I (physical body) was writing this 🙂 Hopefully, she will love it!

To all mothers who live in the physical world and beyond, Happy Mothers’ Day!!!







全国のお母様達、肉体界だけでなく今は高次元に旅立たれたお母様達にも、Happy Mothers’Day!!の言葉を贈ります♪

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