Lost box☆紛失した箱

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

This morning right after I arrived at work, I received the text message from the delivery company that they just delivered my meal package (I wrote about the subscription service). “Wow, that was much earlier than usual!” yes, they usually deliver it sometime in the afternoon. I was a little worried about the box being outside of my apartment door because of the weather. It was really a beautiful, sunny and warm day. I had a little bit feeling uncomfortable with the box being alone for such a long time, but I was already at work and had to stay there at least till 5:30pm.

Yep, the box was (surely) gone when I got back to my place. Well, I didn’t want to assume that someone would definitely take it. I know that the theory so so so well from my NY experience which anything out of my hand would be gone within a minute or two. However, I was expecting that the people around my current neighborhood would be much nicer and leave such personal items for the owners (at least the address & name were on the label). In fact, such delivery items here are usually left at right outside of the front door and nobody actually touches them until the owner pick them up. It has been pretty safe & polite neighborhood.

I called the delivery company first, and they immediately sent me a photo of the delivered box as a proof of delivery. Well, it showed the location NOT at the front door of my room but the mailbox area which was technically “outside” where anyone could access and take the box. Leaving the box such an open space for more than 7 hours?! NO WAY! They totally admitted their driver’s mistake which was a good thing (to me). Then I contacted the company of the meal package to explain about the lost box. They were also pretty nice to me that I immediately got the refund with the credit for the next delivery.

When I was in NY, such calls often became a huge negotiation (or rather an argument) since those companies used to completely deny any of their mistakes and try not to give their customers absolutely zero credit, zero refund. My English speaking at that time was also pretty bad so that they tried to take advantage of me all the time.

So, I basically didn’t lose anything… I’ve got the full refund plus extra credit which my next package will be discounted. But I still feel kinda sad and annoyed…. it is probably because I feel uncomfortable with the fact that someone did steal my box. There are such kind of people exist in my neighborhood…. sigh.







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