Comfortable space☆居心地良い空間

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

As I wrote this post, I have continued rearranging my room. Even today, I changed the placement of a light-stand, organized some tangled electric cables, and put away the air-purifier (I haven’t used it for a while). That was really a subtle change, but it made me feel really good! Yes, my room becomes really cozy & comfortable space on a daily basis!

I don’t vacuum that often (probably once every 2 weeks or so), but I do clean the kitchen & bath room a few times per week. I love to keep the area clean and fresh as much as possible so that I can feel pretty fresh as I moved in the room 2 years ago.

Some says, “Your room reflects how you are.” I totally agree with it. My previous room was basically the same room (exact same floor plan except completely reversed side), but it looked totally different. I had many small furnitures which took up so much space and were not organized at all. Plus, I was too busy to keep cleaning despite of living with 2 cats at that time. It became really messy, dusty and dirty. I did clean the room very hard every year-end cleaning ritual (Japanese tradition), but the room was constantly needed to be vacuumed & cleaned.

Yet, I really loved the room. It was still comfortable for me & cats. I even created the room in Shamballa and sometimes go & stay there for a while. It brings me back the memories what I used to think and do in the room.

My sense of comfort has probably become different. I no longer live with any pet. I stay at my room more often and much longer than it used to be. Even though I had absolutely no chance to go on trip last year, I didn’t feel stuck at all. Everytime I come back to my room from work, I feel so good to be here.

I am very thankful to have this comfortable space.








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