Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I have been checking out this special series by PBS in this weekend: Asian Americans

There are many detailed stories & episodes in the series (I’ve seen until the episode 4 so far) which some historical factors I was not so familiar with such as Chinese Exclusion Act and Johnson-Reed Act, and such race-based exclusion (not only against African-American people) kept being legal in the US until 1965. Well, no wonder there are still many issues & conflicts going on in this country.

I’ve been in the US for almost 30 years by now. It is much longer time than the time I had spent in my mother county, Japan. I thought I would feel more and more comfortable & attached to the US when I moved here from Japan, but I still feel pretty alienated and foreign even though I have been really enjoying the nature, life and people in the country a lot. Despite those racial factors in the video series above, I’ve met so many nice people who have made me feel just as a normal person, not a foreigner. The opportunity to meet so many people from so colorful backgrounds has been, I think, the best cause for me to be in this country (also as a musician).

I have never felt comfortable and “my country” type of special love towards to Japan either. I had always been feeling “This is not my place” since I was really small. Somehow, I knew in my bottom of heart that I was always looking for my “Home” somewhere (and it would not be found in this world). Later, I’ve realized that my soul is a wonderer which is supposed to have no home and go place to place, time to time, planet to planet and beyond.

Anyways, I thought about becoming an US citizen several times since I would probably stay here and not going back to Japan (to be permanently settled). But I realized that I really would not see much benefit becoming a citizen and would never erase my feeling being alienated based on my racial profile.

I guess I’m going to go on as a foreigner for a while.


週末に、こちらの公共放送(PBS)がリリースしているドキュメンタリー・シリーズ「Asian American」を見ていました。とりあえず4回目までストリーミングで視聴しています(英語版にプレビュー動画を載せました)。出来れば皆様にも見て頂きたい!!と思うくらい米国のアジア系移民の苦難や歴史について、パーソナル・エピソードをふんだんに交えながら紹介しています。私はざっくりとしか歴史を知らなかったのですが、中国人排斥法ジョンソン=リード法(排日移民法)の実態や、それら人種差別的措置の完全撤廃(1965年)から本当にまだそれほど時間が経っていないという事実に改めて考えさせられました。「そりゃあ私達のような極東アジア人が中々受け入れられないワケだわね・・・」と。






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