Listen to your body☆身体の声を聞こう

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Have you realized that your physical body often gave you “the right answer” regarding your thoughts, decisions, plans and feelings? When you had a really bad experience (heart-breaking or traumatic stuff), didn’t your body get really become unbalanced and feel sick eventually?

We all understand that body & mind are connected and influence each other. Of course I heard of and knew it too, but It took me really a long time to truly realize it by myself.

For a long time, I had been pushing really hard (both physically and mentally) especially when I was super active in my music projects. My sleeping hours were really short (4-5 hours), but I thought I was fine. I was constantly eating lots of fast foods, but I thought I was fine too. Because I didn’t feel sick and my body functions were all normal based on my self-assessment & feelings.

When I look back at that time from my current position, it was just a mess. I was falling a sleep at the wheel so many times. My face always had some troubles (variety of pimples, rash, darkened pores, etc.), and I had constant tiredness and lassitude. However, I thought and believed that was my “healthy & fine” state because I really didn’t know what would be the right state of my body & mind! I just believed I was doing my best (to accomplish my dream) so that my body would bear with me and keep supporting my desire to be a successful musician.

Oh well, believing can easily be “ignoring” the true state of yourself. “I should be fine because I’m doing the right thing soooo hard!!” – when you have to study or work extra challenging hours, many of you encourage yourself to produce extra energies, right? Then your body usually starts working pretty well for you. Once such push becomes a routine to you, it will be hard to recognize how tired you are or what is your best condition both physically and mentally. That means your ideas and thoughts may become out of focus as well.

After all those hard pushes, my body finally screamed and I got a few major health issues. When I slowed down my crazy busy days, I started realizing that my idea about musician life was becoming an unhealthy attachment, not a healthy goal anymore. It took me a few years to re-connect my physical body to my mind & spirit.

I did go through the hard lesson, but I don’t think everyone should do the same. When you feel tired, please take a good rest, sleep and do not push hard. If you need to push hard, do it now but then be sure to get relaxed later. When you have sufficient sleep, space to breathe, time to just let go…. you will be able to start listening to your deep voice.

I think my body is the voice of subconsciousness – true myself.









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