Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I have been really into rearranging my room since I moved in the current place in July 2019. Everytime I change the placement of even a small furniture, I get really excited and feel pretty refreshed.

When I moved my desk, I became so happy to see the beautiful trees while I was working at home. When I moved several furnitures in order to create a space for VR headset (to play the fitness app, actually), I was totally excited to move them to have different atmosphere/vibe in my room.

Now, I finally got rid of my old coffee table and purchased a new low-shelf for books, decorative goods, etc. The box was pretty heavy when it was delivered to my apartment (because of the materials – metal frame parts and hard wood shelves), but I managed to carry it and assembled the shelf smoothly. It perfectly fits against one of the long wall in my living room!

How satisfying the result is!!! The shelf has a plenty of room for many books without looking too congested/messy. I could move many (overflowing) books/comic books, one of my dolls, and a few decorative objects. It still looks pretty smart and roomy!

I don’t know this type of things (moving furniture, changing interior arrangements) works for everyone, but to me, this is a super fun project & the best remedy for my stress.







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