20 years☆20年

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

A couple of days ago, I received an Email from HR department which said that this would be my 20th anniversary since I started working at my current workplace. Wow, 20 years?! Already?! – That’s my honest reaction. I thought “20 years” would be such a long time and so so far away to reach. However, it came much quicker and almost unexpectedly fast. Well, I still feel like I have been working there for only 5 years or so, lol. (In fact, that is exactly the time speed in Shamballa: 4 years in the physical world = 1 year in Shamballa)

When I found out about my job 20 years ago, I didn’t think I would stay at the workplace such a long time because my plan at that time was to be a full-time touring musician (aka rockstar, LOL). I just wanted to have the stable salary and benefit to support my music activities without worrying the financial burden. As I wrote before, I was believing that my music (and becoming a full-time musician) would be my life mission.

My job was never too easy with so many options/exceptions & multi tasking, and no one shared the same task at my workplace. It took me at least a few years to really learn & understand the flow & basics of my job which might be a reason why I didn’t feel that I have been working for 20 years.

I have also been very lucky to work with nice people. I’ve never had problem with any of my colleagues and never involved with any backbiting or rumor. I was too busy thinking about myself & my mission to be interested in the politics there. I’ve always been a harmless and quiet employee… that’s all.

After all, this is my “ideal job” in the physical world. It supports me very well financially, physically & mentally (my apartment is also a part of the benefit). It also gives me interesting new challenges as well as strong securities. It can be a strong back-up no matter what I would like to try out (as a part of my missions).

This is my perfectly suitable occupation. I’m so glad to have this in my physical life and am happy to keep working on for a long time 🙂






腰掛け〜wで勤めてきたつもりがいつの間にやら20年。気が付いたら自分にとって「理想の職場」になっていました。以前にも書きましたが、人は天命と呼ぶ「何か」 – それは職業というよりかは魂の性格に従ってやりたいと思うプロジェクトという認識ですが – と、それを支えていける「適職」が必要である、そしてどちらも自分にとってはなくてはならない非常に大切な要素である・・・本当にそうだと思います。私にとって現在の職場仕事は最高の適職であった、としみじみ感じています。


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