Coming to mind☆思い浮かぶこと

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I usually like to make a plan and know what I’m supposed to do based on my schedule. I feel more comfortable to follow my day-planner and satisfied & accomplished when all my daily tasks are completed. Therefore, I tend to have a schedule full of routine stuff such as doing laundry on Wednesday, cleaning bathroom on Friday as well as all my work/class tasks.

At the same time, I often have the moments which totally unplanned ideas/things come to my mind and I just take action based on rather the flash of inspiration. At the time, all my “planned” tasks are left behind or completely forgotten. But I have never had any trouble or regret because that “idea” (to me, it came like a flash from out of nowhere) seems to fit perfectly in my timing.

The timing when I found out about the scooter subscription was the perfect example. I had no idea such thing even ever existed, but the information suddenly came to my random web-news stream. It was like a flush and I almost missed the headline, but I did catch it and am super happy that I made the decision. I actually did think about it for a day and half (lol) before I made the final decision, and I decided to follow my internal flow towards to “go for it.”

Well, it might come to (or hit on) me because I happened to match the frequency so that the idea would take the shape into this world. Such ideas especially recent ones like the scooter, hand-writing pad, VR headset, taking some classes came to me like shooting stars, and they all have become really important part of my everyday life.

They are not “impulse buying” or “momentary impulse” at all. Yes, I admit that I used to have experiences of impulse buying becoming huge regrets, but I haven’t had any such feeling recently. They just came to me right on time.

Is it because I have been really trying to be “true” to myself? May be so. Let’s see how goes…







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