Flowers of the month (March, 2021)

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Here is my flower arrangement in March, 2021 at the Shamballa School (imaginary school in Shamballa). Please use your maximum imagination to enjoy the sense of Spring with the arrangement!

My arrangement idea has already been realized at the school lobby which you can access, take a look at whenever you do “imagine” it. Below, the presentation is hopefully a guide for you to enjoy the imaginary yet fun & beautiful arrangement.

Image of the Shamballa School Lobby

March 2021 〜Tulip and Narcissus〜

The design & idea by Shire

The color yellow reminds me of Spring especially March! Narcissus & Daffodils, tulips, mimosas, rape blossoms… I keep coming back to those pretty yellows. In this time, I’ve chosen the color gradation of pretty narcissus from pure yellow to super white. And you can see the red tulips as the vivid contrast of color and shape of the Spring as well!

Here is the image (idea) of the arrangement:

The idea illustrated by Shire

The top side is the rough layout of the flowers. As you see, the planters for narcissus are slightly curved which are kinda surrounding the center pot of tulips. Both narcissus & tulip are planted.
図の上側が配置図となります。水仙のプランター が両方とも少しカーブを描く形をしており、丁度真ん中のチューリップ鉢を囲むような感じに設置されています。水仙もチューリップも丁寧に寄せ植えしています。

Flower Vase (Planter)

Here is some ideas for the ceramic planters (narcissus) & pot (tulip). You can imagine the material and the patterns based on the images, I hope 🙂

Flowers: Tulip and Narcissus

Here is some image examples for your reference. Red tulip is supposed to be very bright, not too dark.

As you see, there are several different color combinations of narcissus you can see. Aren’t they really pretty?!

You can see more images of the flowers and flower vase ideas here:

Please visit the imaginary school in Shamballa so that you will be able to see & smell the beautiful flowers💖

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