Idling away☆ぼーっと過ごす

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

In a middle of preparation for my presentation at the class I’ve been taking, I’ve read several interesting articles regarding our brain being overloaded by too much information via Internet (websites). We use (especially) a smartphone to jump one page to another so quickly to browse as many news, advertisements, videos, images as possible within our given time. I thought they were all just passing through so that would never be processed in my brain at all.

However, our brain does catch, acquire and process those information even we just have a glimpse of them. More we spend time on Internet especially browsing info by info, news by news such as “power search,” our brain, the area called frontal lobe becomes the condition of impaired flow of blood because of the information overload. Such condition is supposed to create several side-affects such as severe headache, memory loss, sudden anger (and unstable emotional balance), and so on.

Our brain needs time to process the information we acquire. More information we get, more time to process is required. In order for us to let our brain do his/her work in a healthy way, we should have designated time which we are supposed to do NOTHING. Well, we can go for a walk, look at a nice view, or have an idling time… oh, some people do take a nap or meditation.

I do spend one of weekend off-days as basically the “pajama day” which I sleep late, take a nap and not browse internet news as much as I normally do on weekdays. It definitely refreshes & clears my mind, and I feel ready for the new work week! I think we all need “Internet detox” for our precious brain 🙂








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