Time management☆時間の管理

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Ooohh, I wish I could write my blog everyday!! Well, I’ve tried a few times since the new year started (this is NOT the subject of my new year’s resolution stuff though), but I could not do it. Well well, this is not the post of my about my regret and confession at all, lol!

I’ve written about this several times though, I tell you again (and again) that I’m not good at keeping my routine such as “waking up at a same time even on weekends.” One (and the quite important) reason why I applied my current full-time job 20 years ago while my music activity made me really busy like more than a full-time job (yes, I used to file my tax return as a musician as well as my regular job) was to have a routine in my life so that I would be better with time management.

I tend to follow my (rather important) routine such as job tasks, attending school and deadline-oriented projects. So I actually rarely skipped work with no reason except the stuff like the day after late night live gig.

My schedule in this month has been actually really busy & tight. I’ve been going to work (not at home) everyday to deal with tremendous number of shipments our vendors had sent to us during the winter break while most people at my work place keep staying home. I feel that I’ve been much busier at work now than pre-COVID. As soon as I come home, my body starts telling me to be lazy and sleepy which I always have to fight against, lol. I used to go to the music studio in SF after my regular work to practice with/without my band so that I had no time to be lazy, but I didn’t have any time for my own cozy & relaxing moments either.

I now spend my time at home with checking SNS, news pages, reading some books & upcoming class materials, playing a smartphone game a little, and doing “Talk-sessions” on Zoom (a few sessions per week). Accessing Shamballa? that’s happening simultaneously which I occasionally check-in (imagine) how I’m (in Shamballa) working on my projects there. While I’m writing this blog in the physical world, myself in Shamballa is sitting a sofa and looking at my friends talking and playing some tools (game?) at a mid-large living room like beautiful & cozy place.

Oh, one routine I’ve been doing everyday in this year (so far) is the VR fitness app which is, to me, kinda revolutionary!

Anyways, I no longer worry too much not to follow my schedule or plan unless that has some deadlines. Yes, I love to be relaxed and lazy. I really love to fall a sleep on my sofa. I do waste my time quite often by checking many tweets or playing a game with VR headset/my smartphone. Of course, I definitely feel good when I do a good job managing my tasks and schedule as I planned, but what would be wrong if I couldn’t? NOTHING.

I do not want to be a slave of my own fictional “perfectness” and feel guilty not following the stereotyped rule (which no one ever judges me whether or not I break it). No matter how I spend my time, lazy or rigid, it is all my time anyways. It’s really the time for me to feel good whatever I do or I don’t.











Magic Circle TreatmentTalk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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