Visual information☆視覚情報

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I grew up with my family who really love watching TV. We always watched some news & children shows (cartoon/animation programs) during our dinner time. My parents was not strict about TV watching rules since I believe they also really wanted to watch it to get easy & visual information. When they were children, TV was not really available for many people in Japan especially right after the WWII, and TV might be one of their symbols of wealth & civilization. As of today, their primary resource for the news/information in Japan & world is still TV. They hardly ever use PC or smartphone.

On the other hand, I’ve been living without TV for almost 7 years. Until then, I had TV all the time even when I had almost no time to watch during my school years in NYC & SF. I even used to subscribe some Japanese special channels to watch Japanese current news & trendy shows. I strongly believed that I would not be able to survive without one for a long time.

I am very happy and comfortable without it now. I have never thought to acquire one since I got rid of it 7 years ago. Once I left the life of watching visual screen, I somehow stopped watching other visual media such as movies & videos (YouTube, etc.) too. You know, I used to love watching TV dramas, news, movies, sports, music videos… yeah, all kinds of visual entertainment all the time! I know I can still access them through PC, iPad and VR headset. VR headset is especially amazing to experience the 360 degree visuals. But, I do not access them as much as I thought I would do. Since I purchased the VR headset last month, I only saw one movie so far. I did check out some 360 degree videos and of course I was amazed by them a lot, but I don’t think I have watched more than 10 videos up to now. Videos and visual presentations seem no longer to attract me… why?

I’ve been reading way more news lately since the political & pandemic situation in the US got really unclear and kinda adventurous. I started subscribing morning newsletter from NYT, listening to NPR and checking more news posts on Twitter as well. However, I barely check out the attached video footage/supplemental (visual) information. I enjoy reading the words & phrase which seem to give me more room in my brain to imagine/visualize what and how the information fits to me particularly. I definitely feel like I am focusing more on the core of such information.

As soon as I watch a video (partial scenes from some TV news, for example) though, the information is more direct and locked “as is” in me. There is no room for imagination. What you see is all you can get. I feel like my brain has been forcefully tuned into certain images & voice tones as “the fact.” Visual information doesn’t have any room for us to imagine what the place looks like or what the person sounds/looks like. I’ve realized all of such characters (influence towards my brain) being visual make me feel very uncomfortable. I am very uncomfortable to feel my brain being so lazy and locked/influenced by the given information.

Yes, visual information is so strong that it takes away your free thoughts and ability of visualization in your mind. No wonder TV can be a tool to brain-wash people. Video can be the same. A strong visual presentation should be able to influence many people easily such as political propaganda or conspiracy theories. If we keep watching such videos, we may totally get into the idea the video is presenting.

My parents now is totally supporting the ultra-right Japanese government since they have been only accessing the TV broadcasting which the government does control the contents & propaganda all the time. I can never persuade or even discuss about politics with them. They have no fair judgement (what TV says is always correct for them) which is sad but I believe that’s the outcome of being slave to such a tool, unfortunately. I also have some friends who have been totally into the conspiracy theory regarding Trump & gang (lol) through a bunch of videos (YouTube channels). I can never talk about politics with them either.

I think, since we have been able to access more visual information, we are now at the edge of pretty dangerous area. How we deal with such visual information may determine how far/deep we can explore ourselves and the world without losing mind.











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